Thursday, 28 February 2013

Snow Moon, Tarot and Past Life Regressions

The snow moon a few days ago was amazing. We were driving up Highway 18 just as it was rising over the hills with it's huge disk and orange yellow glow.

Then two nights later I stepped out under the stars and a beautiful white disk was glowing behind a tall white tree. Absolutely magical.

As I sort through things from storage, I'm finding more and more tarot decks. I'm itching to start doing readings again. I don't mind doing them online from my Etsy shop, but I much prefer real life in my home.  I'm just not sure anyone is up for driving to my new home out in the boonies of Lucerne Valley. But if you are, readings are $30 for half an hour and $1 a minute from there. I have many alternate decks as well.

If you'd rather do hypnosis to uncover past lives, that is a flat rate of $75 and takes approximately one hour. I'm happy to take Paypal or cash or barter of equal value.

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