Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tarot Conversation

 Me (fyrefantasy) : want to hear something freaky
jon: Ok
fyrefantasy: I was thinking of doing a tarot reading at the new house last night
fyrefantasy: and I I'll just get the death card
fyrefantasy: which comes up a lot during moves because your old life is ending and your new life is beginning
fyrefantasy: it's transformation
fyrefantasy: so then I put on my new shirt this morning and realized the design was of 2 butterflies
fyrefantasy: also a 'death' symbol.  Some decks use butterflies instead of the grim reaper
fyrefantasy: it's transformation as well
jon: Right
fyrefantasy: so just now I'm cleaning off my desk, and my oracle deck was on there so I dug it out, to fix it and find the box.  Then I shuffled, cut and you guessed it
fyrefantasy: the death card.
jon: Weird
fyrefantasy: and that's why they pay me the big bucks

fyrefantasy: that card can literally mean death though

jon: In this case, let's root for transformation.

Deck used: Susan Halliday Awareness Cards.

Butterfly blouse

The saga continues.  Today we went to pick up the U-haul moving van we had reserved.  At this point I shouldn't even be surprised, but the art on the side of the van was a butterfly.


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