Friday, 18 January 2013

Practical Magic Revisited

The last few days I’ve been obsessed with the movie Practical magic. I want to revisit the scene where the coffee cup stirs itself. I really like the long hairstyles and the clothing the two aunts wear. So I looked up some photos on the library computer.  Today we were going to a thrift store but the one we wanted to go to was closed. So my boyfriend went to a different one. She had bookcases full of videos.  I was browsing the first two rows and then I remembered about Practical Magic. So I said to myself ‘if I’m meant to have this video it will be here’. At that point I’d only seen the one bookcase of videos.  So I stopped and scanned each title on the first two rows. Then I thought ‘it’s not going to be here so just how much time do I want to spend reading every title.’ But in the middle of the very next row I found it. How about that! It was $2 so my boyfriend got that and the Last of the Mohicans so we could have a movie night tonight. Way to manifest!

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