Friday, 19 October 2012

Solitary Witch

Last night I watched a bunch of videos by the Real Witches of Orange County on Youtube. It made me wonder what happened to me in the last 10 years that took me away from my goddess quests. I totally let myself get railroaded into a lifestyle I didn't want and that didn't suit me. I fear that the same thing will happen at the new place unless I put my foot down and quit giving up things I love just because I get no support for them from my lover. For one, I want to start meditating alone each day and setting up altars and paying homage to the god(s) and the goddess(es) of old. Sometimes I think I'd be better off living alone. I'm not sure you can be a witch and live with others.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tarot Conversation

 Me (fyrefantasy) : want to hear something freaky
jon: Ok
fyrefantasy: I was thinking of doing a tarot reading at the new house last night
fyrefantasy: and I I'll just get the death card
fyrefantasy: which comes up a lot during moves because your old life is ending and your new life is beginning
fyrefantasy: it's transformation
fyrefantasy: so then I put on my new shirt this morning and realized the design was of 2 butterflies
fyrefantasy: also a 'death' symbol.  Some decks use butterflies instead of the grim reaper
fyrefantasy: it's transformation as well
jon: Right
fyrefantasy: so just now I'm cleaning off my desk, and my oracle deck was on there so I dug it out, to fix it and find the box.  Then I shuffled, cut and you guessed it
fyrefantasy: the death card.
jon: Weird
fyrefantasy: and that's why they pay me the big bucks

fyrefantasy: that card can literally mean death though

jon: In this case, let's root for transformation.

Deck used: Susan Halliday Awareness Cards.

Butterfly blouse

The saga continues.  Today we went to pick up the U-haul moving van we had reserved.  At this point I shouldn't even be surprised, but the art on the side of the van was a butterfly.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Stang and Headstone

Right now I just want to be at my new house. It's 111 miles from my present apt. The rent is already paid. I could be sleeping there. But first we have to move out.  We hit a snafu yesterday because we found out we couldn't get the moving van until Monday. (Stupid sabbath that still determines business hours). You'd think a company that helps people move would be open on weekends so people can move.

I can't wait to be able to see the stars in the desert. Maybe I can even get a telescope. The harvest moon was spectacular. I got to see it rise a few nights ago. Luna is going to be even more spectacular in the desert.

My new yard has a stang in it.  I can't wait to clean up around it and cross some arrows over it.  Arrows we have in plenty. But there is a lot of farm junk including barbed wire around it, so clearing out around it is going to be a challenge. One day at a time, right? If you have no idea what a stang is there is a great article on it here.

We also found a headstone in the backyard, still attached to a frame. I looked the name up and the man is buried in the Lucerne Memorial Park, so I have no idea why his headstone is here. I'm also not sure what to do with it. We are only renting, so I guess I'll have to ask the landlady if it means anything to her. I thought maybe there was a typo on it, but it all matches up with the memorial park roster. She didn't even know how old the house was, and surely she knows it's in the yard since she lives next door. It seems if she wanted it, she would have taken it to her house long ago. Perhaps I can get a ride to the memorial park and see if his grave has a marker. Curiouser and curiouser.