Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pavilion Dreams

It's not the first time, but once again I'm thinking of having a product line of magickal lotions and charms and lip balms and soaps. Every time I think the market for that kind of stuff is glutted on Etsy and on the Internet, someone comes along, opens a new shop, and next thing I know they've sold 2,000 items.

I am thinking of setting up at SCA events as a gypsy fortuneteller (for donations only) at events that don't allow vending, and giving each person a free sample and then selling my line at events that do allow vending. Since the SCA tries to steer clear of religion, I'm not sure I'd be welcome with open arms, but it is my persona. And it would keep my psychic skills from getting rusty. There is a lot of stuff to memorize...all those tarot cards, the meanings or runes, lines on the palms, astrology, numerology. It's a lot to carry around in your head, and if you don't use it regularly, it's easy to forget. It's going to be a lot of work. I need to make signs for inside and outside the booth. I need to make a fantastic covering so it doesn't just look like an Easy-up canopy. Presentation is everything in this kind of business.  I could have my dream pavilion so to speak. I did offer tarot reading at Great Western War once, and no one batted an eyelash. No one hired me either though. I don't think it looked professional having me stuck beside the archery booth like some itinerant beggar. When I've read at the Halcyon fair I've always had at least 6 paid readings a day.

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