Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day of Sand Day of Dreams

Dream 1: Last night was a busy dreaming night. I woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming that I was digging a grave with a shovel in the dark.  The soil was moist and easy to dig, and I had the uncanny feeling that someone had already been buried there and I kept peering into the darkness for bones.  Nearby a backhoe was also digging.  I became aware that the hillside next to me was about to give way. I could see sparks way above me.  I didn't know if they were explosions or static electricity but I knew we were in big trouble.  Nearby, in a derelict building I could hear Jack hammering away. So I yelled out 'Jack, Jack, we've got to get out of here'.  After much yelling I heard him yell back, "But I'm almost finished." I gave up on Jack. No time left.  I tried to run but came up against fences blocking my way.  I started kicking the rotted wood.  Finally I kicked a hole through and could see daylight on the other side. Then I woke up with my heart thudding in my chest like a freight train. Does my rapid heartbeat cause the bad dreams or is it the other way around?

Dream 2:  I was in an exhibit building at a fair. It was well lit, the displays were pristine, the people were clean and efficient. It was sanitary and boring.

I found my way to another older building made of dark wood. It was small and more like a display of indigenous people. I saw everything as I walked through and was just leaving when I got into a conversation with a bunch of hippy bohemian looking crafts people. They had older re-purposed clothes, circa 1970 maybe. Two of the men were healers and touched me and they were radiating heat. Nearby they had two buildings that looked like gypsy wagons where they put on little plays. As I got ready to leave one of them said he'd ordered a sandwich for me from the food wagon and I was to go get it because it was probably way past done.  So his girlfriend and his little daughter went to show me the way. It was a little embarrassing because they were dancing around and the woman kept trying to remove clothing both hers and mine. We got to the 'food' wagon and it wasn't food at all, but beadwork and jewelry. I asked for my sandwich and the man handed me this beautiful blue and white dangling beaded tassel looking thing instead. I tried to pay for it with paper money and he says, "No, give me the loose stuff." I didn't know what he meant. I only had about .75 in assorted change. I held out a handful of stuff.  Instead of the coins he took a wooden bus token. I got the impression that everything they did was on a bartering system. But when he went to hand me the item, it still had a string attached (how's that for a metaphor of gifts with strings attached). Ha. The clear thread was still attached to the beading spool. Then the man from the hippy tribe was there behind me trying to get everything all straightened out. That's all I remember of that dream. The cats woke me up wanting food soon after that.

I suppose on the Day of Sand it's appropriate to speak of dreams because they are the realm of Mr. Sandman after all.

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